Referral Rewards Program

Thank you for your business! To show our appreciation, starting January 2016, earn in-store credit toward any purchase by referring us to your friends and neighbors.


First, pick up free referral cards at our store or find the online version at Next, write your name and email on the space provided on each card. Finally, pass the cards out to friends, family & workmates. Each time a new customer brings in a referral card or shows you referred them on their smartphone, you receive 10% in-store credit from their first purchase at our store.

Your in-store credit will be kept on file to be used anytime. We will send an email update of your balance at the end of each season and whenever you ask. Just contact us by phone or email to check your credit balance …And it never expires!

When a newly referred customer brings in a card with your name and their first purchase totals $100, you receive $10 in-store credit (10% of the purchase). You can then use this credit toward any future purchase(s) – a jug of fertilizer, a bag of potting mix, or even a new Gro-System!