The Gro-System Policy

Diamond Bar Gro-Systems strives to provide an enjoyable container gardening experience with as little maintenance possible. However, plants are living, growing things, and they depend on your attention, maintenance, and knowledge. While we want your planter always to be full of beautiful, lush plants, we cannot exchange a healthy planter for one that has been infected, infested, mistreated, or neglected.

Every growing environment and plant are unique. The Diamond Bar Gro-System gives plants an optimal growing environment, but it cannot control all conditions. Plants may discolor, fade, stop blooming, or even die for a variety of reasons, including: climate, placement, maintenance, and various other environmental factors. Determining if your plant is getting the right balance of light, air, water, fertilizer, and pruning can help solve and even prevent problems. Additionally, correctly identifying and controlling pests, insects, and other hazards will keep your plants healthy, happy, and beautiful.

At first sign of plant problems, check the “plant problems” menu above, email, or call us directly so that we can help you diagnose and treat any problems before they severely damage your planter’s health and beauty. Please remember, although Diamond Bar Gro-Systems can point you in the right direction, ultimately, the responsibility to keep your Gro-System looking good is yours.